Getting Crafty With ASDA

Jess McGlynnJuly 9, 2013

Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

There is a particular craft that I have wanted to have a go at for a while now but have just never had the opportunity.  It is the perfect craft for the whole family as it requires just about everyone to get involved!

I give you:

Decoupage is simple to do, messy enough for kids to enjoy but not so much that you feel like tearing your hair out and in order to obtain your item for decorating, you have to drink wine.

What’s not to like??

Another great thing about this craft is that we sourced all our items from our local Asda…no travelling out of town to the special craft shop, absolutely everything we needed could be picked from the aisles of the supermarket, and if you’re a bit of a craft-a-phobe, you don’t even need to spend more than 30 seconds on the craft aisle.  None at all if you already have PVA glue at home!

But, enough of the hard-sell.  You can see how we got on at our Asda shop here.  Despite choosing to go on a Saturday afternoon, when it was bound to be really busy, we didn’t do so badly!  I was pleasantly surprised at how helpful the staff were as well and saw several going out of their way to help customers before even being approached.

But, on with the main event!!

What you need:
Glass bottle, jar or vase.  We went for cider bottles and a square glass storage jar.
PVA glue
Decorative paper for covering item (we bought wrapping paper for ours but you can also use napkins and any other coloured or patterned paper you have to hand including tissue paper)

What you need to do:
First things first, cheers!!

Once your bottle is empty (or jar if that is what you have chosen) you need to make the substance that will form the glue to hold your paper in place as well as the glaze.  To do this mix 50% water and 50% PVA glue.

Get your paper ready by tearing into scraps of varying sizes.  Apply a thin layer of your glue mixture directly onto your glass using the paintbrush, place a scrap of paper onto the glue, making sure (as much as possible) that it has gone on wrinkle-free.  Then apply another thin layer of glue over the top to seal it in place.  Repeat this process until your entire bottle is covered.

Once the glue has dried, apply another glaze to it and repeat until you have the finish you desire.  I glazed all of mine 5 times before I was happy with the look but I have read of some people glazing over 30 times to really ensure it is sealed!

That’s it.  Stand back and admire the finished product!

The thing I really love about this craft is how versatile it is.  

For my storage vase, I tore up some pages from a favourite book of mine which I think looks great.  I’m planning to do this for a friend of mine and fill the jar with cookies as a small extra.

You can use your wine bottle as a pretty decorative vase.  At Christmas you could use seasonal paper to make an advent candle holder perhaps or make your own wine and give as presents.  You can add embellishments in the form of beads and ribbon, or maybe sprinkle some glitter on.  The possibilities are endless.

Meg and Eli really enjoyed covering their bottles too.  Yes, the finished product isn’t as sleek as the ones that I made but they are really proud of their efforts and both now have their bottles on display in their room.  For 4 and 2 year olds, I think they did a great job!

This is such a simple and quick craft as well, which I love.

What do you think of our decoupage efforts??

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