Let’s Play: Pirates

Jess McGlynnJuly 10, 2013

Following Meg’s over-exaggerated statement that we “don’t do anything fun” anymore, I was inspired to come up with some fun activities in these last few weeks she’s at home *sob*

Because I am not able to do something on a small scale, naturally, this idea rapidly transformed from a ‘few’ activities, to fully themed weeks.

Last week was our first one, and I decided on ‘pirates’ as both the kids are big on buccaneers at the moment.

Here are just a few of the things we got up to.

We kicked the week off with pirate role play and digging for treasure aka marbles and jewellery (as you can see from these pictures our other project, the garden, was still in it’s initial stages!)

We made treasure maps with a special X that was only revealed under intense heat.  This was fantastic.  We marked our X using lemon juice and watching Meg’s face as it firstly disappeared and then reappeared when we used the hairdryer, was priceless.

We also had special pirate themed sticker charts for the different things we are working through with Meg and Eli at the moment.  They both did really well, getting a sticker every day and won a little certificate at the end of the week with a small reward for them both.

And just a few of the other things we got up to:

Parrot making using TP Rolls:

Pirate biscuit making (decorating them was harder than I thought it would be!)

Porthole self-portraits and decorating Meg’s bed to look like a pirate ship:

There are loads of useful resources online, I got lots of the ones you see here from Twinkl, you can just sign up and download the ones you want to use.

Thumbs up from Meg and Eli this week I think!!


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