Get Good Summer 2013…Update #1

Jess McGlynnJuly 17, 2013

I was scuppered from sharing my Get Good Summer update last week by Meg’s accident so I should technically be on week 2, I’m not sure my progress reflects that however!!

1. Finish the garden
We now have a clear space in our garden – yippee!!  There are just four large bushes in each corner that my Other Half needs to clear and then we will have a blank canvas to play with.  It’s been really difficult to think how we could best utilise the space as it in a decent size but there’s not much you can do with pebbles.

We are making progress though and I soon hope to be able to share some photos with you.

I did, however, get my first planter, which is great.  We have recently stopped leading our church’s youth group and as a thank you gift they bought us a planter and some flowers and herbs.  I love it and am hoping to add to the collection shortly.

2. Have at least 3 family days out
I need to get my thinking cap on with this one as the days we had planned are now no good for a bandaged up, not allowed to run around, 4 year old.  I would still love to get out and about but we just need to postpone this one for a fortnight I think!

If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

3. Finish my photo wall
I haven’t done anything about this yet…MUST get on with it!

4. Read 2 challenging books
I moved the Holley Gerth book from the bottom of my ever growing pile of books on my bedside cabinet, to second from the top, but that’s about as much progress as I’ve made.

5. Make every week count
We really made progress with this one and our pirate week was a big success!!  My under the sea week got thrown out with Meg’s spell in hospital so we will try our best to pick up where we left off with that one when she’s feeling up to it.

Hope everyone else is getting on well with their summer projects!!  Why not head over to Claire’s blog to see some of the other links?

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