Tips: Helping young children sleep in the heat

Jess McGlynnJuly 20, 2013

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the past week stumbling around bleary-eyed, cursing the hot weather and light evenings, wondering when your children are going to start sleeping again.

It can be really difficult to stay sane when the weather is this warm, I’ve read advice on several websites to consider installing air conditioning but seeing as this is Britain, it will probably be torrential rain storms next month so I really don’t see that as a viable option.  What a shame!

The hot weather is set to continue for the immediate future however, so I have put together a few tips that are gradually helping us and ensuring that we do get a decent amount of sleep at night.

Hopefully they might help someone else who is struggling!

1. Keep curtains closed during the day.
My Other Half suggested this one to me, and I actually didn’t believe it would make that much of a difference but for the past two days we have done this and the kids bedroom was noticeably cooler.  Once it is dark, we have been going up and opening the curtains and widening the window for a couple of hours to really let the cool air circulate.  We also leave other windows open where it is safe to do so during the day, to create a through-breeze which helps cool the general temperature of the house.

2. Get rid of duvets and use a sheet.
I have this ridiculous notion that I ‘can’t’ sleep without something covering me and I appear to have passed this on to Meg and Eli.  They both struggle without their duvets so we have replaced them with flat sheets.

I saw a tip this morning to stick the sheets in the fridge for a couple of hours before bedtime, I’m keen to try this out!!

3. Get rid of pyjamas.
As above really, when the weather turns warm we ditch the PJ’s and just stick to nappies.  A couple of nights ago, Meg really embraced getting cool and ditched all her clothing.  Each to their own!

4. Have a nice cool shower/bath before bedtime.
Reduce the usual temperature of the bedtime bath.  We all know how nice it is to jump in a cold shower when we are hot, it’s just as nice for your baby.  Perhaps don’t go down the icy cold route, but a tepid temperature will certainly help to cool their overall body temperature down.

5. Stick to your bedtime routine
It can be really easy to abandon all pretence of a bedtime routine because it’s lighter and it’s hotter but I have always found this just doesn’t work.  If you have a set routine, then I think it is best to plough on with it.  If you behave as though nothing has changed, then gradually your children will realise nothing has changed too.  Simple, but effective!

Have you got any top tips for keeping young children cool and sleeping soundly during this heat wave?

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