Review & Competition: Raccoon Rumpus

Jess McGlynnJuly 23, 2013

We are big fans of Learning Resources in our house.  We have been sent a number of their products to review and we have loved every one of them, with Meg and Eli returning to play with them again and again.  So I was thrilled when they asked if we wanted to review one of their new games – Raccoon Rumpus.

Aimed at ages 3-7 and for 2-4 players, Raccoon Rumpus is a game of matching colours and items of clothing and also a game of memory.

There are two different versions you can play.  Both times, each player gets a raccoon character card.

In the first version, you roll two dice; a colour dice and a clothing dice.  All the costume cards are face up on the table and the idea is to find a costume card which matches your roll i.e. green trousers, purple top etc   The first person to get 5 costume cards is the winner.  However, beware of the pants.  If you roll the pants then you have to put all your costume cards back.  For some reason, much to Meg’s amusement, I continually rolled the pants and never managed to win a game!

In the second game, you just use the colour dice and all the cards are turned face down.  You roll the dice, and have to try and turn over a card with an item of clothing the same colour as your roll.  I don’t know if it’s all children, but Meg has an amazing memory and could almost always remember where she’d seen a colour before.  I had to ‘adjust’ the cards a few times just to give myself a decent chance!

Both games were really good fun, and required Meg to think about what she was doing.  I loved that there was a variety of costumes, some that Meg would never have come across before, for example, a martial arts raccoon (aka the ninja!), and so she was asking questions about them as we went along which furthered her learning.

The game box itself is very sturdy and brightly coloured, no floppy cardboard edges to get ripped and lose the pieces!  The instructions are also part of the box which appealed greatly to my need for order – definitely no lost instructions a couple of years down the line!

I could see that great thought had been put into the design of the box and that made it something I would also be happy to give as a gift.  It’s attractive and would grab any 4 year old’s attention!

Learning Resources put a lot of thought into the learning values behind their products, but I love that Meg didn’t even realise what she was learning as the game itself was such good fun.

If you’ve enjoyed my review, and would like to win your own Raccoon Rumpus game, Learning Resources have kindly offered one that’s up for grabs.  Just fill in the rafflecopter below to be in with a chance of winning.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Raccoon Rumpus to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I have received no incentive for hosting the competition to win a Raccoon Rumpus game.  The prize will be provided by Learning Resources.  UK entrants only, please.

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