Get Good Summer Update #2

Jess McGlynnJuly 24, 2013

I have been so bad at ticking the things off my list.  Time just seems to be whizzing past and we’ve not got long of the summer left actually!  Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but it’s certainly how I feel at the moment!

Finish the garden
Thanks to my father in law coming down with his mega tools and superior woodworking knowledge, we have made great progress with our garden.  It is now secure, for one thing, so I haven’t got to keep running up the sides of the house to retrieve Alfie or Eli.  He also built a fence at the top of our patio.  There were two small walls which had a little drop at the other side, the landlady had put two plastic chains across but the kids had long since pulled those off so having this fence makes me feel more confident that no one is going to trip and fall onto the pebbles below!

We managed to get a trampoline for the kids at a bargain price and we got given a large sandpit as well by someone so for Meg and Eli, the garden is turning into a place they want to be too!  I’m just keeping my eyes peeled for a good wendy house now.

Hopefully we’ll keep up the progress and have a workable garden soon(ish)

Family days out

On Sunday we had decided to go strawberry picking after Meg had her dressing changed at the hospital but typically, that was the day it decided to rain.  I’m away the next couple of weekends as well so I’m disappointed we might not be able to do this before the weather turns.

However, I have booked a trip out to review a theme park so we might actually get one family trip out together!

Read 2 challenging books
I started the Holley Gerth book from the beginning on Sunday evening as I found it too confusing to pick it up where I left off.  I’m feeling this book is much more relevant now as I recently handed my notice in at work and need to think about what my next step is going to be.  I have lots of ideas bouncing around my head but I need to ground these and think about what I believe God is calling me to do.  It’s very exciting though, and all change in our house!

Make every week count
I picked this up again on Saturday with our under the sea sensory play.  I couldn’t believe how much Meg and Eli enjoyed themselves and this has definitely given me the motivation to carry on with this.  I bought Meg’s school uniform on Monday and it really brought home how soon she will be starting school.  I want to create some great memories with her this summer, so that she can look forward to next summer too!

Still on the lookout for a scrap book too.  If anyone knows of a good place to try, do shout up!

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