Book Love: The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green

Jess McGlynnJuly 26, 2013

The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green
A stitched-together family, stretched to breaking point…

I love Jane Green, she’s my ‘go to’ writer when I want an easy to read book.  That is in no way meant to be derogatory to her writing.  I really enjoy the way she writes, it’s such an easy and flowing style that I feel as though I’m sitting opposite my best friend, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the latest exploits of those around us.  It’s brilliant.

I came across The Patchwork Marriage whilst perusing the bookcases at our local library and snatched it up immediately, I couldn’t believe I’d manage to miss one of her books!

The Patchwork Marriage is about a woman called Andi, who marries Ethan, a guy she is head over heels in love with, and thinks that she is getting the ideal family when she also becomes step-mum to his two daughters, Emily and Sophia.  This becomes much more pertinent when it transpires she is unable to have a child of her own.  She sets about trying to create the perfect family life but meets opposition in the form of the eldest daughter, Emily, who seems intent on destroying all of Andi’s attempts.

Ethan, appears to be completely unaware of what Emily is doing, and is constantly drawn into battle against Andi as she tries to make him see what is happening.  Things escalate in the story until Andi feels she has no choice but to leave Ethan, but before she gets chance, Emily turns up and throws a curveball at the entire family forcing them to rethink and redesign their relationships.

I enjoyed the fact that Jane Green tackled ‘real’ issues in this book; that becoming a step-parent isn’t always plain sailing, and that she wasn’t afraid to talk about how parents can sometimes be blind to what their children are getting up to behind closed doors.

However, I found the character of Emily to be incredibly annoying, she was quite simply a spoilt brat and I had no empathy for her whatsoever.  I don’t know if that was Jane Green’s intention but at points I thought she got what she deserved, so to speak and found it difficult to believe that anyone would give her the time of day.

I also thought that, compared with other Jane Green novels at least, this was a bit too much of a ‘perfect’ ending for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a happy ending as much as the next old romantic, but she created problems for a lot of characters in the book, such as Ethan’s alcoholic ex-wife, and they all made a massive turnaround by the end.  Not everyone has such dire life issues and I found it a bit too twee in the end.

It’s hard to say more without giving the plot away but overall, it was a comfortable read, I really liked the main character, Andi and if you are looking for a nice, girly, curl up on the sofa and finish in one sitting type of book, then this is for you.

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