Let’s Play: Under the Sea

Jess McGlynnJuly 29, 2013

We kicked our Under The Sea week off with some sensory play.  The kids absolutely loved this and I’m definitely going to try and include the use of our tuff spot tray in the rest of these weeks as it was a great tool!

The rest of the week was pretty craft free, we had quite a busy time and I didn’t have much chance to prepare things the night before; not to mention that the only craft I was set up to do was ruined when I chopped off an essential part of the egg box.  So our egg box lobster will have to be done another week!

However, we made the most of the nice weather and engaged in some fishing with some rods I found at the 99p store.  Eli seemed to find this easier than Meg, although at various points they were both cheating and manually hooking them on the end of their rods!

We also visited the local pet shop to check out the marine life.  I think this was Eli’s favourite part of the week and I think once school term starts we’ll try and get over to Birmingham to visit the sea life centre.  I think he’d really enjoy it.

On the two stormy days that we had, we watched some movies related to our theme, the obvious choice: Finding Nemo.  Meg also found a Dora The Explorer Mermaid DVD in our local Blockbuster so we added that in as well.  

Eli insisted on clutching his Nemo toy throughout the whole film as though it would somehow help Marlon to find him in the end!  It was very cute.

Finally, I found some great resources on 1plus1equals1, which I printed out to do with Meg during one of Eli’s naps.  I was surprised at how many of her letters she knows and it was great to watch her mark making and think how far she has come in a short time.  She might actually be ready for school as much as I’d like to pretend she’s still too young!

If you missed the first week in this Let’s Play series, you can find it here.

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