Let’s Play: Farmyard Sensory Play

Jess McGlynnAugust 6, 2013

Our theme last week was farm animals which gave me a great excuse to bring out the Tuff Spot tray and set up some more sensory play.  Meg and Eli have quite a bit of farm related paraphernalia lying around so I gathered the bits up and built my scene around that.

For the tray covering I used up some hay left over from when we had the rabbits.  Eli loved this and I made sure I asked him how it felt when it was between his toes and we talked about different sensations.  The cutest thing was definitely listening to him attempting to say ‘prickly’.

I really wanted to use jelly to create a duck pond as I thought it would give the play an interesting texture element for Meg and Eli.  However, when I came to buy it I discovered that blue jelly doesn’t actually exist in this country…who knew!?!  So in the end I bought some green jelly and added blue food colouring which turned the jelly a lovely turquoise colour.  I made it up the night before and then just mashed it up a bit to give the impression of ripples and surrounded it with pebbles from the garden.

To make some mud for the piggies I searched the internet high and low but couldn’t find a recipe which required things I already had in my cupboards.  As I was working on a budget, I created my own with cornflour and cocoa powder.  The cocoa powder gave the mud a nice smell which added another layer to the sensory play.  The cornflour was brilliant as it stays hard when you press it, but easily becomes fluid again when you are moving it around.  It was definitely the kids favourite part and almost all the figures ended up in there!

Unfortunately, it was raining outside on the day that we did this sensory play so I did have to take the extra precaution of laying a sheet down around the Tuff Spot, and hay did get everywhere despite this.  It also meant my photos didn’t turn out the best quality but I hope you can see that both the kids really enjoyed themselves.

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