A Tale of Three Counties…

Jess McGlynnAugust 21, 2013

Last weekend we had the lovely opportunity to visit some friends in Norfolk.  Just over a year ago they took the brave decision to move and although we miss them terribly, we try and catch up when we can.

So on Saturday, after a slight delay, we left our home in Leicestershire and headed over to Norfolk.  Anyone who has done that particular journey will know it can take a long long time, especially when you come close to King’s Lynn but we managed to take a back route and didn’t get delayed which was great.  Meg and Eli are becoming quite accustomed to long car journeys too and didn’t make a peep, which is always a plus!

After a hot drink and a catch up, we headed out to the beach.  Despite the fact that it wasn’t at all warm, both Meg and Eli went paddling in the sea.  Eli even managed to get knocked over by a wave and ended up lying on his back, fully clothed in the sea.  Apart from a bit of shivering he didn’t seem all that bothered.

After our paddle we had a walk down the pier and my Other Half managed to take a beautiful panoramic shot.  It’s just a shame that two of the children were trying to escape over the barricade as he was doing it!!

On Sunday we visited Redwings Horse Sanctuary.  It looked fairly new and there weren’t too many horses to see but the kids really enjoyed it.  Their favourite bit was the playground which they tested out thoroughly.  If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare it’s a good place to go, they don’t charge for entry but ask for donations.

On Monday we left our friends and headed into Suffolk for a day out at Pleasurewood Hills.  A full review of this will be coming soon but it was a really nice day.  We discovered that Eli is terrified of ALL rides and that Meg is terrified of none.  The only tantrum we had from her all day was when she realised she couldn’t go on the really big thrill ride because she was too small!

After our day out we drove all the way home to Leicestershire, where we all literally collapsed in a heap, thoroughly worn out by our exciting weekend in three counties!

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