Get Good Summer – Final Update

Jess McGlynnAugust 27, 2013

So, I have to say a huge apology to Claire, the lovely hostess of the Get Good Summer linky, as I have just failed to join in regularly with this.  Sorry!!

I think the lack of routine over the summer holidays, and losing our childcare just threw everything up in the air and we lost all our structure and routine.  It’s been totally chaotic and we have just been flying around by the seat of our pants, which I am not generally very good at.

So, here is our final update for how we got on over the summer.

Finish the garden
We didn’t manage to do this one, if anything our garden is rapidly sliding backwards.  It was really my Other Half’s job for the summer and he just hasn’t had time.  I’m hopeful that once he has settled into his new job and we’ve all adjusted to the routine, he will be able to give it some attention throughout the autumn.  

Family days out
This one we had much more success with.  Once Meg had her stitches removed and was able to run around with as much enthusiasm as usual, we managed to visit some friends in Norfolk, visit Pleasurewood Hills Amusement Park and the National Space Centre.  We’ve also spent the last two weekends Geocaching as a family which has been a lot of fun.  So I think we can comfortably say that we’ve made time to spend together as a family and have some really great memories from the summer.

Read 2 challenging books
I think, mostly due to the fact that I don’t thrive in a chaotic environment, I have lost my reading mojo this summer.  Usually if I have a spare 30 seconds, I have my head stuck in a book but I have barely read anything.  I can’t settle into a book and whereas I used to only be able to concentrate on one book at once and never give up on a book, I’ve now stopped and started 3 different books and not made it past the first couple of chapters with any of them.  I hope I get it back soon!

Make every week count
I hope I have managed to do this for Meg.  We’ve done a fair bit of sensory and themed play with our Under the Sea week, our Farm week and this week we’re concentrating on Space play after Meg was so enthusiastic about our trip to the Space Centre.  More on this next week!

Despite the fact that I didn’t quite succeed with all of my goals, I’ve really enjoyed having something to work towards.  I couldn’t have predicted that circumstances would work against us and I think had it all gone to plan, I probably would have managed to get everything done that I wanted to.  But that’s life!!

Thanks so much to Claire for organising the linky in the first place.  I hope she organises it next year and I promise to be so much better at joining in!!

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