My 99p Summer Challenge

Jess McGlynnAugust 29, 2013

I was very excited (possibly a bit too excited to be honest) when I received £10 worth of vouchers from the 99p store in the post for the #my99psummer challenge.  I had been in to our local store the week before to pick up some bits for our Under the Sea Sensory Play and I had spotted some very attractive looking outdoor games that I thought Meg and Eli would really enjoy.

Of course, you’d think I would have remembered that this is England and so the minute anyone starts to actually enjoy themselves in the sun, the rain clouds gather.  Boo hiss.  By the time I got to the 99p store, the heatwave had ended and it was set to rain for the next few years weeks.  Luckily, the 99p store also had a good variety of things for Meg and Eli to do indoors, so all was not lost and I have actually been able to keep them occupied on the days when the weather man was correct and the heavens have opened.

For Meg there was only ever going to be one option: crafting.  I bought everything in sight which was pink, girlie and required some level of craft.  Eli isn’t so much into that, although I did manage to get one afternoon of painting from him, so for him I stuck to the toy section.

Activity One: The Crown
I was a bit unsure whether Meg would have the patience for this, the age suggestion was 5+ but I thought she’d be intrigued by the amount of sparkly bits.  That was until I opened the box and saw that there were hundreds of tiny little sparkly bits!

It was a stick by numbers type of activity and you had to attach a sticky square to the back of the jewel and then attach it where relevant on the crown.  I had to do the first part for Meg as it was too fiddly for her, but she was very good at putting the jewels onto the crown and we managed to have a good chat whilst she was concentrating which was lovely.

Needless to say she was very proud of her creation and has modelled it round the house on several occasions. 

Activity Two: Canvas Making
This was my favourite activity of everything we did this summer.  I had been inspired by some canvasses I had seen in a friend’s house, made by her two little boys and was really keen to give this a go.  I picked up the two canvasses, the finger paints, the sparkly glitter and the stick on jewels from the 99p store which was all that we used.

Both Meg and Eli really enjoyed this activity, I think mostly because they got to stick their fingers into the paint!  Although the canvas instructions said to use acrylic paint, we didn’t have any problems with the paint we used, it seems to have worked just fine.

The play apron I picked up also came in handy here.  Up until now the kids have shared Meg’s pink one but now Eli has his own.  He was very proud of the little front pockets and kept stashing stick on jewels in there as ‘treasure!’

I still need to print out a little name and date tag so we can hang them up and it’s a nice little keepsake for us to have.  I love that they have both put their individual marks onto the canvas and Meg in particular took it very seriously and has asked several times to hang it on her wall by her bed.

Activity Three & Four: Fairy Scene and Helicopters
When Meg asked to do her plaster of paris fairy scene, I knew that Eli was never going to let us get on with in peace, so in order to keep him quiet I brought out the aeroplane and helicopter set as well as the set of diggers for him to play with.  He spent the whole time playing with them, no other distraction would have worked half as well.  I thought the toys were good for the price and they have travelled up and down the country with us this summer, being the perfect size for Eli’s pocket!

I haven’t done plaster of paris since I was at school but the instructions were really easy to follow.  Meg had great fun painting them, although she didn’t quite stick to the brief and went for the multicoloured finish!

Activity Five: Sensory Play
We used some soap and glitter from the 99p store in the fairy mud sensory play we recently tried out.  Follow the link to read more about how to make it.  Whilst at the time they didn’t seem too keen on joining in, Meg has asked me twice since if we can make the mud so she must have actually enjoyed herself!

Thanks to the 99p store we had lots of fun this summer and managed to stay sane on the days when we couldn’t go outside to play!

Disclaimer: We were sent £10 worth of vouchers from the 99p store for the purpose of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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