Review: Walkers Mighty Lights

Jess McGlynnSeptember 1, 2013

This week we were sent some packs of Walkers Mighty Lights to review.  What a great package to receive in the post!

With Meg starting school next week, she will be having packed lunches and whether or not she takes a packet of crisps with her is something we’re wondering over at the moment.  I’ve heard a lot about schools banning crisps and unhealthy snacks in lunchboxes and although Meg’s school allow crisps, I’m obviously keen for her to have as balanced a lunch as possible.  Although, when I was growing up I took a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a chocolate biscuit for my lunch every day and I’m not sure it did me any harm!

The tagline for Mighty Lights is ‘pack something mighty and light in your kids’ lunchbox’ and with them having 30% less fat than standard crisps, it does seem like they are trying to make them a more healthy crisp option.  I was interested to see the salt content, as I would always take this into consideration when buying snacks for Meg and Eli.  A normal packet of crisps can contain a third of their daily recommended salt intake, which is an awful lot!  I compared it to a couple of other packets of crisps that I happened to have in my cupboard, and it didn’t appear to be any less so because of her age I probably wouldn’t send Meg with an entire pack.  We try and encourage Meg and Eli to share a pack anyway when they eat crisps at home.  This probably wouldn’t be such a concern for older children, but Meg is only 4 so I am more aware of what she’s eating.

Mighty Lights come in three different flavours: lightly salted, roast chicken and cheese and onion.  They are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.  Sounds good so far…but what did they actually taste like?  I have to admit that when I see something with ‘less’ in the description, I usually subconsciously add the word ‘tasteless’ in there as well.

I tried all three flavours (in the interests of fairness *ahem*) and was impressed.  The lightly salted tasted a bit more of salty taste than I would like, there was an extra tangy taste there, but the cheese and onion and roast chicken tasted just as delicious as the usual Walkers crisps.  Meg and Eli also tried them and gave them the thumbs up.  Meg liked the ridges and called them her ‘special school crisps’, so I think that gives us the go ahead to add them into her lunchbox!  What’s nice about them though is that they do feel lighter, if that’s a thing.  Sometimes, a whole packet of crisps can feel greasy and over-filling but I didn’t notice that with the Mighty Lights …it’s probably why I managed to eat four packets in a row (just kidding!)

OH auditioning to be a ‘crisp’ model

I would be happy to put these into Meg’s lunch box, and I think they are a great step towards offering a crisp like healthier snack.  I am looking forward to seeing whether they bring out any other flavours, particularly salt and vinegar, my favourite!

You can buy Mighty Lights from shops nationwide, now and they come in packs of six.

Disclaimer: We were sent packs of the Walkers Mighty Lights crisps for review and were compensated for the review too.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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