What’s The Story: First Meeting

Jess McGlynnSeptember 9, 2013

Siblings are so interesting to watch.  Sometimes they can get on like a house on fire and other times they fight like cats and dogs.  Sometimes they are inseparable and other times they don’t speak for weeks on end.  I know from experience with my own brother and sister just how fickle a relationship it can be.

We tried our best to prepare Meg for the arrival of her little brother by reading her stories about Mummy being pregnant, and explaining to her how it would be when he came into the world.  As she was only 2, her understanding was very limited and even to this day she thinks that her and Eli were in my tummy at the same time, she just made it out sooner!

When I went into hospital to have Eli, my parents came to collect Meg and she stayed with them overnight, so she got to meet her baby brother after he’d already been at home for a day.  

To say she was thrilled would be a massive understatement.  She actually looked a bit confused, gave him a kiss and then a few hours later asked if we could send him back!

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it.  My Other Half even has it on a keyring.

I’m cheating again this week as I just wanted to clarify, to a future Meg who may be reading this one day, that you did love your brother really and quickly rose to the task of big sister.  You have both been little buddies ever since and it’s been really hard for Eli now that you have started school.  He misses his team mate!

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