What’s The Story: Black & White

Jess McGlynnSeptember 23, 2013

I’m going back a bit further in time than I have on previous What’s The Story posts…a whole six and a half years!  This photo comes from my Other Half’s 21st birthday and was really the point that sparked my interest in party planning and going that extra mile when it comes to birthdays and the like.  

I picked Jimmy Spices in Birmingham for the venue and we made the theme black and white.  Everyone dressed in the relevant colours and I made sure I bought decorations on the theme.  It was amazing when the waiters brought the cake out, everyone in the whole restaurant was singing along and drumming on the tables.  Had it been my party I would have been cringing in the corner (in fact, the following year that’s exactly what I was doing!) but my Other Half thrived on it.

Six years isn’t really that long but we look like such babies in this picture!  It’s the first time I’d ever had my hair curled too believe it or not.  I have really fine hair and before this, I’d never found a way to stick.  It’s amazing what £40 can buy you!

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