What’s The Story: 29 Years…

Jess McGlynnSeptember 30, 2013

29 years ago yesterday, my mum and dad got married in Huddersfield.  29 years!!  

I can remember laughing at the way my parents looked in their wedding photos when we were younger.  Now though, I look at my mum’s dress and think I would probably wear something not too dissimilar if I was getting married again.  Funny how fashions come back around.  Maybe not the hair though…

My dad on the other hand, doesn’t look a thing like this and I still can’t believe he ever did apart from the fact that I can see my brother in him.

My parents are a great example of what it means to be married.  I think I have only ever heard them argue once in my whole life.  I don’t mean that they didn’t ever disagree and were an outstanding problem-free couple, but only that as children we were very much protected from anything that was going on around us.  Which I think is as it should be.

They have always been very real and honest and I like to think of them as ying and yang.  However much my mum might grumble about my dad being a numpty I think they complement each other very well!  

I remember watching a video recently of the UK’s longest married couple and I like to think that this will be my parents eventually…her constantly interrupting him, him going off on random tangents answering questions that haven’t been asked…

Happy anniversary Mum and Dad!!

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