Let’s Party: Strictly Come Dancing

Jess McGlynnOctober 1, 2013

Last weekend saw the start of the new season of Strictly Come Dancing and we were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in the Collective Bias® Strictly Come Dancing shop giving us a great excuse to throw a party!

I knew that no Strictly party would be complete without a disco ball and I decided to put a spin on the traditional mirror ball accessory by making our own and turning it into a piñata.  I had to get to work straight away and it was a bit of a tight squeeze making and drying one in a day but I think it was a success.  We used a flour and water mixture for the paste and to speed up the drying time we put it in a warm oven for 5 minutes after each layer had been applied.  Our first attempt didn’t work as we left it in the oven for too long forgetting that hot air expands.  As you can probably imagine our balloon got bigger and our layers went pop!

Lesson learned we managed our second attempt a lot better and once the layers of newspaper had dried I painted the balloon black in case any gaps showed through my sparkly paper and left it to dry overnight.  The following morning I cut out lots of little squares of sparkly silver paper and applied them to the ball.  I started following a pattern but about halfway through lost it completely and ended up sticking them on a bit more randomly.  This actually looked a lot better in the way it captured the light so next time I won’t try to be so rigid with my application.  (Of course there will be a next time!)

My Other Half wanted to have a dinner party with dance related food and drink so I left him in charge of organising the menu.  You can see more about our shop here.

We kicked off our party by allowing Meg and Eli to have a go with the piñata   They really enjoyed it and had a few turns each trying to break through but in the end they did need a bit of help from an adult.  I think next time I will do a few less layers to make it easier.  

I’m afraid my phone was having a bit of trouble on the evening in question so the photos have come out a bit dark and blurry.  Hopefully you get the idea that they enjoyed themselves though!

Enjoying her prize.  She hasn’t actually hurt her head, the plaster is for decorative purposes only.

Once the piñata had been broken we watched the start of Strictly Come Dancing with Meg to allow her to see some of the pretty outfits and then we took them both off up to bed and sat down for our dinner party.  My sister and her boyfriend had come round to join us and were dressed up to fit with the theme.  Meg had chosen our table decorations so we sat down and tried out our masks before my Other Half served up his ingenious dance related menu.

For our main course we had chicken en-chacha-ladas, with Viennetta Waltz and Scorecard Cupcakes for dessert.  Our drink of choice was Raspberry Rum-Ba Cocktails….see what we did there?!?

I don’t normally like selfies but this is me, enjoying my cocktail!

All in all we had a really nice time and I think we could easily do it again this weekend!

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