Let’s Play: Rockets!

Jess McGlynnOctober 24, 2013

Never let it be said that I will do anything for the sake of a blog post…the following was purely for the purposes of entertaining my children (and winning the best parent of the year award, or something.)  It should also be noted that we are not crafters by nature!

We have recently been reviewing the lovely resources at Twinkl (a more indepth post on this will be coming next week, so keep your eye out) and whilst perusing their vast array of options I came across their Space pack.  Meg and Eli loved it when we visited the National Space Centre so it got me thinking about how I could best use the pack and be creative.

Naturally, I decided we should build a rocket.  I hunted high and low on the internet to find a tutorial for how to make your own rocket and completely drew a blank.  So I sought the help of my Other Half, pointing out that he was an engineer and should therefore be able to engineer me a rocket.  He enthusiastically agreed and I was presented with an immense plan for creating a frame out of bamboo sticks (chicken wire having been dismissed as too dangerous) and some long-winded and fabulous contraption that would be standing for generations to come.  

I pointed at our downstairs toilet-cum-cupboard of mess and said, ‘how about we just use up the cardboard boxes in there?’

And so was born the rocket.

This rocket cost a total of £2 to make, which was the price of the silver spray paint we found in our local Aldi.  The spray paint was awesome, it went on so easily and was touch dry in about five minutes.  We left it overnight to dry out properly and by morning it was perfect.  Our alternative idea had been to buy some foil and cover the cardboard which would have been equally as cost-effective.  We opened up our cardboard boxes and created a flat front panel and then attached side supports with some masking tape.  For the top we cut out a triangle and I painted it red.

To attach the top triangle we used another long and thin piece of cardboard and affixed it onto the front panel.  We have had to reinforce this a few times as the kids have been quite vigorous in their play so there might be a better way of making this stay put…I’ll leave that with you.  We used a craft knife to make the door and cut it by eye, hence why it isn’t perhaps as straight as it could have been.

The lovely additions you see are part of the Space pack from Twinkl, such as the pieces making up the control panel and the planet information I used to decorate the inside of the rocket.  The window is simply made from sparkly red and silver cardstock.

We also hung fairy lights behind the rocket to act as stars, it’s a shame the writing is behind it but you get the idea.

If you have little space fans then I would definitely recommend having a go at making your own rocket, plus having a look at the downloads you can find at Twinkl.  We haven’t used them yet but you can also find masks to print and cut out with an astronaut helmet and alien faces as well as intergalactic passports.  I’ll update you when we have them laminated and ready to go!

Meg and Eli had so much fun playing in the rocket and it was brilliant to see their faces when they came downstairs in the morning and realised what had appeared in the night.  As Meg so eloquently put it…’sometimes Mummy, you are quite good.

I’ll take that compliment!

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