Half Term On A Budget

Jess McGlynnOctober 28, 2013

With the start of my new freelance job, money has been quite tight this month and so with the arrival of half term we couldn’t afford for us to spend a lot of money.  Never one to turn down a challenge I decided to see if we could be creative and do exciting and engaging activities with minimal cost.

Aside from the family day out we had on Friday, which was planned and paid for in advance, we managed to have an interesting and entertaining half term for the grand total of £2!

I used a half term planner to decide what we would be doing in advance, Netmums have a great one here and I made sure that if any preparation needed doing, that I sorted it out the night before to allow us to just get on and do things.

I knew that it was important for us to get some fresh air each day because otherwise by about 4pm we’d all be going stir-crazy.  Unfortunately the weather forecast for the entire week was rain and aside from Thursday, that is what we had!  We tried not to let it put us off and did manage to get out for a little bit each day.

Here are some of the things we got up to this week, hope you can find some inspiration!

Playdoh came in very handy when the weather was a bit too bad to consider going out and if I needed a quick stop gap activity.  The salt dough recipe I got from Nurture Store and it was brilliant as it only used up things I already had in my cupboard – result!

Fresh Air
We tried to go out everyday, even when the weather wasn’t great.  Getting outside and playing doesn’t have to cost a bean and we found lots of things to entertain us, from splashing in muddy puddles to discovering new things and skills such as tree climbing (or not, in Eli’s case!)

We had two themed days which were brilliant – one where we dressed up as pirates and ate food that fitted in with our theme (fish fingers natch)  This is a very cost-effective activity if you already have dressing up clothes.  We used our homemade rocket to have another themed day although we didn’t go as far as having space food!

We also organised a few play dates to break up the time.  These are brilliant, free and the kids love them because they get to play not only with their friends but with different toys from their own.

Mixed in was plenty of opportunity for some down-time and for Meg and Eli to come up with their own fun, such as building the cushion mountain and wrestling on it!  I tried to introduce a PJ’s and movie day but the kids looked at me like I’d lost the plot so we settled for movie time where we were all dressed…not quite the same but hey ho!

We hope everyone off school this week has a wonderful time, and that you have lots of fun creating your own adventures just like we did!  

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