Kindness Elves: Day 1

Jess McGlynnDecember 1, 2013

Our Kindness Elves arrived today, Meg and Eli discovered them as they were clambering through our letter box this morning.

They came with a letter from Santa with instructions on how Meg and Eli should look after Glæde, Fred and Elska whilst they are with us and also letting them know why there were there.

Meg was a bit dubious and gave us the third degree on whether Santa had really brought the Elves and then dropped the bomb on us that she wasn’t really sure Santa existed at all.  That kind of put a dampener on the whole experience!!

She relented later on in the day declaring that, actually, she had just been kidding and she did believe really.  Whoever heard of a 4 year old that didn’t believe in the magic of Christmas!?!

We’d better keep on with the Elves just in case!

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