Kindness Elves: Days 2 & 3

Jess McGlynnDecember 3, 2013

Day Two
This morning the Elves had positioned themselves in our Christmas  decorations – it took a while for the kids to spot them actually!  

The ‘theme’ if you like of the next few days is going to be focussing on sharing.  So, today, the Elves suggested that Meg could share something from her lunch box with one of her friends at school.  Unfortunately the note writer *ahem* was unaware that the number one golden rule at school dinner time is no sharing your food.  A good job then that Meg wasn’t actually at school yesterday and was able to share her treat with Eli instead!

Day Three
Today the Elves were off on a little visit in the morning but had returned home by the afternoon with a nice idea for a treat because Meg and Eli were so good at sharing yesterday.

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