Moving House and Packing Up…

Jess McGlynnDecember 10, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we were given notice by our landlady that she plans to sell the property we are currently living in, and that we had until the end of January to find somewhere new to live.

This is certainly not the kind of news you want just before Christmas!

Since that point we’ve been on a house hunting mission as well as assessing how things stand in our house currently.  It’s fair to say that we have a lot of stuff.  Remarkable actually as we have somehow managed to fill every single available space within the house!

Moving is about so much more than just packing up your stuff and depositing it somewhere else.  There’s sorting out what is left behind as well, the cleaning and the disposing of items you no longer need.  This week I’ve been looking at carpet washers so that we can give the house a thorough cleansing before we move on.  I’m not sure that other tenants would go to such lengths but I always think how I would hate moving into a dirty house and I don’t want to leave it that way for somebody else!

I find it hard to let go of the things we have accumulated over the years, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am a hoarder but I certainly keep hold of things which have special memories for me.  

The likelihood of us finding a similar sized house though is quite remote so we are definitely going to need to downsize.  Where do you begin with a task like that?

I could list on my hand the number of things that some people would consider unnecessary but I would never ever want to part with, like my books for example.  We have moved house about six times since we’ve been married and my dad has faithfully helped us each time.  He always comments on how my book collection has grown since the last time we moved and whether I might consider getting rid of some of them…the answer is always a resounding NO!  One day I will get my dream house with it’s very own library (and moving ladders a la Beauty and the Beast) and I will need the books to fill it!

I suppose moving house does offer the opportunity to have a good cleansing of items that you no longer need, things which get put away and forgotten about until you are forced to contend with the bulging cupboard of mess as you start to box things up.  I have this feeling we are going to make some interesting discoveries as we begin to pack.

Speaking of which, we are meant to be moving house in about 4 weeks and I have yet to sort a single item out…I really should get on that!

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