Saying Goodbye

Jess McGlynnJanuary 2, 2014

I know that this might seem silly, but thinking that this is the last post I will write in this house is quite sad.

Since we got married six and a half years ago, we moved house at least once a year, until we found our current house.  At a bargain price and with plenty of room for our growing family, it seemed perfect.  Has been perfect, if you can ignore the fact that the boiler blew up when Eli was a few days old and that we don’t have a bath (just a shower, we aren’t dirty creatures!)  

We’ve been here almost three years now and truly considered ourselves settled; our landlady assuring us that as the house was her pension plan she really had no intention to move us on.  We’ve gotten to know our neighbours and were just at the stage where Meg could go next door to play and vice versa.

Little things but still.

When we got this house we really believed it was for a reason.  We had initially seen it on the lettings website and dismissed it as being out of our budget, despite me being desperate to come and view it.  With no luck finding anything else, I came back onto the website and was thrilled when I discovered that it had been reduced in price and was now very much accessible to us.

It was incredibly disheartening to hear that our landlady’s business had fallen into trouble and that she was having to sell the house.  All the plans that we had made were suddenly thrown up in the air and we began to question what we had assumed was solid and safe for us.

We have loved living in Loughborough, my Other Half has been here for 10 years, which is a significant amount of time.  There are small things that some people wouldn’t notice that we will miss greatly, like the ability to walk from one end of the town to the other (you know, in case you lock yourself out and have to walk to find the person with the spare key which has, erm, never happened….) or the local parcelforce man who even stops to ask me whether I’ve had any interesting items through the post when he sees me out and about.  I’m equally sure that Southport offers similar prospects but it’s what we know and like here.

Meg will miss her school and her friends, will miss her best buddy the most.  I can’t deny that it makes my chest tighten just a little bit thinking that she will be losing out on something special by us moving away.  We will miss our friends too, greatly.  Especially our Sunday evening friends (you know who you are!)

We are leaving family behind here, family who moved to be closer to us.  Whilst that might feel like a betrayal, we haven’t made this decision lightly and hope and trust that our family will support us in this move.

I knew when we decided to move, when we saw doors flung wide open and literally found ourselves tumbled through them, that it would be difficult when the point came to say goodbye.  When it became undeniably real for us.  I almost want to dig my heels in and shout, ‘no wait I’ve changed my mind!’ but I know that this is the right step for us to take as a family.  We’ve seen that in the way it has all come together so perfectly.  It has been trying and stressful but we have seen God’s hand in it the whole way through, from having the right money at the right time to the dates of new jobs and all kinds of small things.  However tough it might be to say goodbye, we know that this is the right choice.

Thank you, Loughborough for all that you have given us.  Now it’s time for Team Rocket’s next adventure…what a shame it happens to also be by the beach!!

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