New Beginnings

Jess McGlynnJanuary 6, 2014

I’ve probably said it before but I am not a fan of change.  I like the things that I know and I like everything to be…just so.  It probably comes down to my incessant need to be in control of things and have all my plates spinning nicely but when it comes to change, I break out in a sweat and have been known to throw the odd object on the floor in a minor stress-related outburst.

So, moving house.  Moving 100+ miles from everything I know.  That’s a pretty big change.

You might wonder how I am coping, I’ve wondered the same thing myself several times since we made the decision to move here and initially, I thought I was doing rather well.  I was excited about the prospect of a new house which had more to offer us, the advantages of a rural lifestyle, the opportunity to start afresh, begin again.  Not to mention all the time that had to be spent organising and packing boxes, that required an awful lot of brain power.  There wasn’t really much of my thought process left over for the after.

Now I’m in the after, I’m facing and dealing with it and it’s not going so great.  Discovering problems with the house and existing furniture not fitting where I expected it to, not managing to empty all the boxes piled up sky high around the place…all these things make my blood pressure rise and leave me thinking, ‘what have we done?’

Of course, logically, logically, I know that we had no choice but to leave our old house.  That we made the best decision for us as a family and that two days in I can’t really complain that things aren’t as idyllic as I pictured.  My head knows this.  My heart on the other hand is a different matter entirely.

Nevertheless, I am holding on to the fact that this is a chance for a new beginning.  We have the opportunity to be whoever we choose to be.  The things that we didn’t like about our old life can be left behind and we can begin again.  Despite my misgivings, that is a pretty darn good thing I think.

I am excited about the possibilities this change will offer us and although it isn’t perfect, and there have been things which have caused me to pause and freak out a little bit about the magnitude of our move, I know that we moved here for a reason and that given time, things are going to be better.

Hey, I even survived my first day here alone with the munchkins!  Granted, beside driving to Preston and dropping my Other Half off at work we didn’t actually exit the front door but it’s a start.  We spent a whole day in the house and it was okay.  Nothing fell apart, nobody got hurt, I actually managed to keep things in a fairly tidy state and unpack some boxes!

I don’t think that’s bad going for day number two!

For all those wondering what this almost-amazing-not-quite-but-pretty-good-house looks like, once we’ve cleared a few more of the boxes and you can actually see the rooms themselves I will share some photos.  Promise!


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