Siblings {January 2014}

Jess McGlynnJanuary 10, 2014

I love that Meg and Eli have such a special bond.  They get on so well, and are like two mischievous peas in a pod when they are playing together, regularly breaking out into fits of giggles over nothing in particular, nothing that is obvious to me or their Dad at least!

They even have their own secret language which, as of yet, I have been unable to decipher.  It involves a lot of rhyming sounds and I’m half convinced even they don’t know what they are saying half the time.

Don’t get me wrong, some days all they do is fight with one another and I have to constantly play referee ensuring that the peace is kept semi-well.  On the whole though, I am so proud when I think of all the fun years they have ahead playing and enjoying each others company.

I was excited when I saw that a linky was being started all about siblings.  I love capturing my two together, especially when they aren’t paying attention.  When I see little unforced shows of affection, it’s so sweet to be able to grab it and keep.  It certainly helps on those bad days to remind myself that they do actually know how to get on.

I spent this week looking for an opportunity to photograph them together, at the moment we don’t have a point and shoot camera so I’m constantly relying on my iphone to see me through!  I had a great chance when we went to Southport Pier and they were running and playing together but I’m afraid I couldn’t whittle it down to just one.  Sorry if that breaks the rules of the linky!!

Lots of the photos I have are of Meg smiling and Eli looking up towards her for instruction.  He really admires his big sister and she is the instigator for a lot of their more creative games and he takes a lot of his cues from her.  Unfortunately this does also extend to tantrums and wobbles about various random things as well!

dear beautiful

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