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Jess McGlynnJanuary 22, 2014

We are walking down a woodland path; having promised Meg and Eli that we will be going to the beach, I am becoming somewhat agitated as we seem to be heading further into the gloomy depths of the trees.  This doesn’t feel very beach-like, this is not what I was expecting.

Then, suddenly we arrive at the end of the trees, race up a hill, over the crest and…into a car park.  Surely this is not it?  The ground of the car park is made up of sand but it still isn’t quite what I was imagining.  Is this really where my Other Half has brought us?  It was his idea to come here after all.  Half of it is under water and the rest is surrounded by dried out, dismal looking scrub.  

I begin to lose hope.

Then another hill, a precarious walk across a pile of sand which looks as though it should probably have been roped off…I see it has been roped off, but the barricade has come loose and has instead been trampled down into the trickling sand mountain and suddenly we are there.

A deep breath in.

Air tinged with the salty scent of the sea hits my lungs.  Instantly refreshing.  Instantly uplifting.

This is where we live now.

*Punches Air* (metaphorically obviously, I am British)

This is where we live now.

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