Exploring the Sand Dunes…

Jess McGlynnJanuary 23, 2014

Yes, I’m sorry, more beach pictures!!

Last weekend we drove the 15 minutes or so down to Formby Beach to walk through the woodlands which are famed for their red squirrels, and down to the beach to walk over the sand dunes.

Although the day was cold and windy, it was surprisingly bright when we arrived at about 3pm, after much negotiation with Meg and Eli that we weren’t going to the beach-beach as they wouldn’t be able to swim in the sea!

We came down a large hill, straight out onto the flat of the beach and it was a gorgeous view.  If you saw my post yesterday, I think you will see what I am talking about.  Eli spent some time collecting pebbles and shells before burying them elsewhere as his ‘treasure’ collection (we are going through a pirate phase with him now) but Meg was determined that we were going to explore the dunes.

She stood patiently at the bottom, trying to work out how she was going to scale them by herself before simply giving it a go.  Unfortunately, fear got the better of her and she had to call for help before getting too far off the ground.

We climbed up via a dune which looked pretty well trodden although there were still some dubious moments when I thought my Other Half and the two kids were going to come tumbling down on top of me.  Once we made it to the top we spent a couple of minutes admiring the views (I would have spent a lot longer but the kids were itching to be off) and then we spent the rest of the time simply running up and down the dunes, swishing through the grass and having fun.  Meg and Eli loved the haphazardness of being able to climb and run, they were screaming and shouting with delight, especially when my Other Half would run full pelt down a dune with them.

I won’t pretend my heart wasn’t in my mouth some of the times.  There is something strangely horrifying about standing at the top of something and watching somebody go down, it’s completely different from when you are standing at the bottom.  I guess it’s a bit like when you are walking down the stairs behind little ones and you feel like they are going to fall down with every step…or is that just me?!?

Meg even had a go at jumping from one large dune to another with my Other Half, which I managed to capture.  I still don’t think the photo looks real now, just as though we’ve planted them into the background of it.

The views from the top of the dunes were simply stunning.  On the one side we had the expanse of the beach and the sea and on the other, some gorgeous woodland.  It was very uplifting and refreshing and if I had been having any wobbles about our decision to move away, then they were certainly eliminated when I took a moment to appreciate our surroundings and to listen to the shouts of excitement and enjoyment from Meg and Eli.

The only thing that tarnished the experience was the fact that Alfie was missing.  I noticed it and Meg did too, as when we were headed back to the car she sighed and mentioned how much Alfie would have loved joining in with us.  Of course, we will definitely be going back there and as we pick Alfie up this weekend, I am sure he will get to experience the fun of the dunes too!!

We even managed to splash in some puddles on the way back to the car.  What could be better than that?

I am linking this post up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids.  Hop over to the blog to see more of the entries.

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