Stepping Out

Jess McGlynnFebruary 4, 2014

Last week I wrote about being an introverted mummy and some of the challenges that can bring, as well as looking at some of the tricks I’ve learned over the last 4 and a half years to combat it.

Last week was a true test of whether I could accept my own medicine when, quite out of the blue, one of the Mums in the playground tapped me on the shoulder and invited me to a stay and play group which happens on a Thursday.

That day, I had been planning on taking Eli straight to the park and then home for some snuggles on the sofa.  I don’t like my plans being changed at the best of times, especially not when it’s such a challenge.  Absolutely everything in me wanted to smile, politely thank the Mum and then just carry on with my plans.

But, I need to make friends.  Moving to an area where you don’t know anyone is tricky.  Eli misses the local baby group we used to go to every week, he misses the familiar faces of children his own age he can play with.  If I didn’t do it for me, I needed to do it for him.

So I did.  I thanked the mum and I followed her into the school’s main hall.  Eli played and I sat and made the effort to engage and talk with the other mum’s there.  It didn’t come naturally and at times it felt awkward but I persevered.

That same day after school, the initial mum came up and started chatting to me and soon another mum was doing the same.

I haven’t broken any huge records yet but I think this is a start and if it’s okay to say so, I am really proud of myself that I took the step forward and made the effort.  It would have been so easy to decline but I didn’t.  I’m looking forward to going again this week and cementing the relationships I will hopefully start to build.

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