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Jess McGlynnFebruary 5, 2014

So it’s probably not my most creative post ever but last week, my Other Half and myself had a very much needed date night.

We have been rubbish at finding time to have a date night.  Adjusting to the new routine and trying to get everything as we want it in the new house has taken it’s toll and we’ve just been slouching around in front of the TV most evenings.  Being back on site hasn’t helped my Other Half either as it’s more physically demanding than when he was working in the office.

But, we both know and love the time we set aside to talk to each other.  After reading this post about making sure the questions we asked were non-trivial and direct questions, I felt the challenge even more so I instructed my Other Half to go to the supermarket and pick us up some nice food which we could eat by candlelight and have a good old natter.

He definitely treated us!

I haven’t come across this new range of Tesco Finest food before but it was delicious.  Just what was needed.

He also brought me so beautiful flowers and some lovely wine too to set the evening off just perfectly.

Being able to sit and talk about how we are feeling, how we currently feel about the move, whether there are still any concerns etc was really helpful and made me realise how little we’ve communicated beyond just the ‘need to know’ stuff in recent weeks.  It’s amazing how much little stuff you can miss when you are just in the humdrum of the every day routine.  I’m really looking forward to our next one now!

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