Let’s Play: Pavement Chalks

Jess McGlynnFebruary 8, 2014

On Tuesday we had the first clear, dry day for a long time and I was keen to make the most of it!  Although I had to venture out to the big bad supermarket with Eli we did pop into the Range to collect some supplies for our secret Valentine’s Day project and there was a Poundworld store right next door which I couldn’t help but have a gander in.

I was delighted when I came across some pavement chalks, I knew it was the ideal thing for the kids and that Meg particularly would love the idea of being able to draw outside, especially following the success of our outdoor paints over the summer.

Meg, being the kind of child that she is, i.e. obsessed with all things school and teacher related, drew a star chart on the ground so that she could ‘mark’ how well the drawings were turning out.  Star charts seem to be the current theme at the moment in all her drawing efforts.

Eli was a little less interested in creating masterpieces on the ground and more into dropping the chalks from the height of the decking so that they would break into pieces on the ground.  This fascinated him, although he did call it quits when all his tiny chalk pieces started blowing and rolling away in the strong gusts of wind.

Although I did manage to capture this shot of him doing some kind of happy, ‘I’ve just made a mark on the ground’ dance thing!

We managed to time our outdoor fun just right, no less than five minutes after we came back inside into the nice warm house, the heavens opened and the rain came down.  This did serve a good purpose though as the next morning when we came out to do the school run, Meg was fascinated that her drawings had simply ‘disappeared’ overnight!

An overall success I would say.  Maybe Eli would disagree…

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