Heart Art Canvas Craft

Jess McGlynnFebruary 12, 2014

I was recently looking at a well known gift website when I came across some lovely heart canvases.  I was just about to show my Other Half when I noted the price, £40!  Instead, I exclaimed, ‘I bet you could make that yourself for less than half the price!’

Imagine my delight when the same week, I saw this lovely heart art craft on Red Ted Art, the exact thing I was looking at.

I picked up some canvases in our local Range store, £5 for 4 which I thought was good value and also some watercolour paints.  I haven’t let the kids use watercolours yet as I wasn’t sure how they’d get on but this seemed like as good a time as any.

This was such a great craft as it didn’t require much from me.  Meg chose green and pink, and Eli chose red and blue and I just sat back and let them paint some white card.  Eli needed help with getting the watercolour paints onto his brush but Meg did really well and didn’t really ask for any assistance.

Once the paintings were dry, I cut them into strips, folded them in half and then with some help from my creative director aka Meg, telling me which size was needed, I cut a number of different hearts out freehand.

We then laid them out on the canvases to work out which looked best where, before applying a thin strip of PVA glue onto the folded line of the heart and pressing it down hard.

I thought the finished results looked amazing, and cost a total of £1.25 each to make!

Meg decided to gift hers to her Nana for Valentine’s Day, and Eli will be giving his to his Grammy when we next see her.  I think they make lovely gifts, it’s a great way of turning the kids artwork into something which can be kept and displayed.  I also put a little tag on the back which said who had done the painting and the date.

If you need a last minute gift for Valentine’s Day then this is perfect.  The paint dries so quickly I had these made in just one afternoon.  They would also be ideal for gift giving any time of the year and you could do any shape, and use any of your children’s artwork that you might have put to one side.

I’ve got two canvases left in my pack and I’m already wondering what we could do next.

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