Simple Indoor Play

Jess McGlynnFebruary 19, 2014

It is currently half term for Meg and, as I’m sure any parent of school age children could tell you, it doesn’t take much for boredom to set in.  On Monday we had a lovely relaxed day; at Meg’s request we spent the day snuggled up on the sofa in our PJ’s watching the television.  It was bliss.

I knew I was unlikely to get away with such level of calm for two days running though and it was unfortunate that yesterday we had to stay in all day waiting for the collection of a parcel.  It was one of those times when they give you a 12 hour time period, and we were unlucky enough that the man didn’t turn up until 5pm.  Frustrating to know we could have spent the day out!
In order to beat the boredom, and inspired by Meg’s latest phase of singing the Doc McStuffins song on repeat, I decided to set up a little vet surgery.  We fished a cardboard box out of storage, draped a blanket over it and our resident artist created a little sign to let the animals know where to come.
I didn’t expect that it would be such a successful game.  Meg and Eli spent the entire morning fetching cuddly animals as well as cars, and fixing them up using the standard tools of a vet.
I was given the job of ‘blanket server’ meaning I had to carefully place the newly repaired toy/animal/car etc onto an available cushion bed and cover them with a blanket until they were well enough to leave the surgery.  When I enquired as to whether I could have a turn playing vet, I was condescendingly patted on the arm by my daughter and informed I should stick to what I was good at, blanket serving.  Thanks Meg.
In the afternoon, as the delivery man still hadn’t arrived, the kids started to get a bit restless.  In the morning I had read this lovely post from MummyDaddyMe about going ‘swimming’ in the bath and thought it was a fabulous idea.
I set my little artist to work and asked her to design a sign for our indoor swimming pool whilst I ran the kids a very bubbly bath.
Meg adored being able to have a bath in her swimming costume; she kept asking me whether it was ‘allowed’.  Eli was totally perplexed and wouldn’t sit down initially but eventually he got the idea.
They stayed in the bath for well over an hour and a half and didn’t seem to get bored at all.  It was lovely just watching them play and laugh together.  Even if they were a little bit wrinkly by the end of it all.

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