Afternoon in The Park

Jess McGlynnFebruary 20, 2014

On Sunday afternoon something amazing happened, something which people had probably started to wonder if they would ever experience again…the sun came out.

Not only that but it was bright, and warm, and almost like spring had arrived.

As you can imagine we were keen to take advantage of this possibly shortlived nice weather so we donned our coats and headed out to the park.

It’s the park we have previously been to, but as my Other Half hadn’t visited before, Meg and Eli took great delight in showing him all the different places to be explored.  First up though, there had to be an in-depth discussion about the best place to start.

Eventually it was agreed that the playground which had to be our first stop to burn off all that built up energy.

Then time to walk on the wall which they followed all the way around the lake.  Eli was slightly more dedicated to this task than Meg and even insisted on being carried across the breaks in the wall so he didn’t miss a step.

We even came across a waterfall we had missed on our first visit and, ever the intrepid explorers, Meg and Eli wasted no time in climbing over the fence and scaling the rocks.

With Daddy keeping a close eye for safety of course (kind of!)

Meg is currently going through a ‘need to know the answer to everything’ stage and she was fascinated by the water feature bombarding us with questions, ‘where does it come from?’ ‘why is it here?’ ‘what lives in the water?’ and even at one point, ‘can we get in?’

Then it was a little bit of fun spent running down the hill to Daddy, before we came across an old fashioned cross trainer type thing (not actually sure what it was) which was all had to go on.

Before heading back to the playground for one more quick swing.

I am linking this post up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids linky.  Head over to see how other bloggers have been enjoying some outdoor play.

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