Review: Pancake Pile-Up!

Jess McGlynnFebruary 28, 2014

This month we’ve started a little tradition of playing a family game after dinner in the evening.  Meg and Eli are able to stay up a bit later without being too grumpy and it’s a great opportunity for them to spend some time with their Daddy who often comes home when we’re mid-way through eating.

So, we were delighted when Learning Resources sent us their new game, ‘Pancake Pile-Up‘ to try out.  Not only was it a new game to add to our supplies but it was also one which encouraged running.  This is a win-win for the kids!

Pancake Pile-Up is a relay race game aimed at children aged 4-8.  The idea is to use your plastic spatula to carry one pancake at a time across to your plate and pile them up as quickly as you can before finishing them off with a pat of butter.  The game comes with some activity cards which have different orders for the pancakes to go in.  We haven’t played this specific game with Eli as he is too young but it’s a great twist for older children to create an additional challenge.

As with all the games from Learning Resources, this isn’t just a fun activity, it also presents a great opportunity for children to learn without realising it.  It helps with balance and orientation, as well as providing a great outlet for burning up some excess energy.

We have played this a number of times, and it’s getting quite competitive now.  We have always played girls against boys and at my last count it was definitely the girls in the lead *cough cough*

The other thing I like about this game is that it would be perfect to play outside when the weather gets warmer and it’s something which could be played with the children’s friends when they come over which would teach them patience and taking turns as well (or try to at least!)

The game is on sale for £17.94 and I think this is good value for money.  The plastic spatulas and the pancakes are sturdy and well made, not likely to be damaged if a little one takes a tumble or accidentally stands on one (it happens…) – I also think it would be great to give as a gift.

Although the age limit is for 4 upwards, Eli has very much enjoyed playing with this and I think with a bit of adult supervision there’s no reason why children under 4 who can walk and at least attempt to balance the pancake can’t get involved.  As you can see from the pictures, both Meg and Eli tend to hold their pancake on but as they are at the lower end of the age limit I think this is to be expected.  Heck, even I hold mine on when I’m racing against my Other Half!

You can even put variations on the game as we did, such as having to hop like a rabbit or slither like a snake to get your pancakes across the room.

Bouncing like a kangaroo

And of course, with pancake day just around the corner it would be the ideal addition to a pancake themed party!

Disclaimer: We were sent Pancake Pile-Up for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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