Siblings {March 2014}

Jess McGlynnMarch 10, 2014
dear beautiful

This month I have loved watching the way that Meg and Eli’s play has changed.  As Eli becomes more coherent and his speech develops, he becomes more involved in the game, instead of just following Meg around and letting her take the lead.

This has led to a few more arguments and disagreements, as the balance of power in their relationship shifts and develops.  Meg is having to learn that Eli has a voice too and Eli is having to learn that he can’t have it his way all of the time.

But these disagreements are easily diffused and although some days they seem to fight like cats and dogs, on the whole my two little munchkins are as close as ever.

The thing I love most about watching them together and seeing their friendship develop is that you can tell it isn’t something which has been forced.  They genuinely get along and enjoy being with each other.  It’s probably a personality thing, they just seem to gel and when they refer to each other as their ‘best friend’ I really believe that is the case.

I hope that as they grow up and become more independent, that they don’t forget this beautiful relationship; that they can always rely on one another and be there.  That when one of them isn’t sure about something, the other will be ready to hold a hand, to give support, provide a boost.

Be a best friend.

Some people have asked whether I made them hold hands for the purpose of this photograph.  The simple answer is, no.  They were watching television together and I came into the lounge and discovered them sitting this way.  It absolutely melted my heart.

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