The Gallery: Yellow

Jess McGlynnMarch 12, 2014
Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

I suppose technically this photo doesn’t fit the bill for this week’s The Gallery theme of ‘Yellow’…the colour of the wheat is more golden than yellow but I was trying to be creative with the theme!

I hope I’m forgiven?!

I love this photo as it was taken on a beautiful summer’s day last year.

We had just gotten into Geocaching and had persuaded my sister and her boyfriend to join us on one of our expeditions.  Whilst we discovered most of the caches without too much difficulty we were totally unprepared for the relentless heat, the fact that we couldn’t take the pushchair across much of the terrain (having to abandon it earlier on the route) meaning someone had to carry Eli for the majority of the day and that a route which wasn’t all that far in distance would take about three times as long as it should with two small children in tow.  Oh, that, and having to traverse the field of cows with my sister, who is terrified of them!

Okay, so I haven’t painted the trip in the best light but it’s the memories that make me smile.  We really didn’t have the best time (I forgot to mention that we got horribly lost at one point and had to abandon the trail completely!) but at the end of the day when we’d finally made it back to the car, turning round and looking at Meg clutching her little treasures, made it totally worth it.

And just look at the colour of that sky!


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