Exploring Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve

Jess McGlynnMarch 13, 2014

I love discovering hidden gems to visit and one of our new favourite places is Mere Sands Wood.  It’s about 15 minutes away from where we live and is a lovely area of woodland.  There are a number of hides which make it possible to view the wildlife on the lake and if you walk around the edges of the woodland you can view the rolling fields of farmland which is very picturesque.

Mere Sands Wood was the place I managed to capture this Robin shot, which has to be one of my favourite photos and the kids have now spent many an hour or two running around and exploring.  

On Tuesday my Other Half had the day off work so once we had taken Meg to school (unlucky for her), we all headed up to walk the dog and enjoy the beautiful warm weather.

Eli absolutely loves to explore these woods, particularly the various bridges which are dotted around.  Some of them are above water, and some aren’t, and he always loves to guess whereabouts we are on the trail.  When we do find a bridge above water he often tries to play pooh sticks although the water isn’t generally moving fast enough unfortunately!

Another great thing is that the different hides are numbered on the trail and it’s a great excuse for him to practice his number recognition, which he now does very well.

There’s a lovely jetty overlooking a larger area of water which is great if you have younger children and want to do some duck spotting.  Unfortunately there weren’t too many around during our visit but that didn’t stop my Other Half and Eli from enjoying the picturesque view.

There are a number of different trails you can follow; we took the shorter ‘blue’ trail which lasted around 45 minutes with Eli walking most of the way.  I’m not sure he would last much longer than that without giving up!

It’s such a lovely and peaceful place and I can’t wait to go back in the warmer months to see how the woodlands and wildlife change.

I am linking this post up with Coombe Mill’s country kids linky.  Do check out their lovely blog for more outdoor adventures.

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