Me & You {March 2014}

Jess McGlynnMarch 20, 2014
dear beautiful

This month we got to do something we hardly ever get the opportunity to do, in fact, almost never get the opportunity to do.

We went away for the weekend.

Without the kids.

We are lucky in that both sets of grandparents are very happy to have Meg and Eli for a sleepover but we usually only ask when we have something important we need to get done.  It’s not often that we go away with the only aim being to enjoy ourselves!

We were heading down to Portsmouth for a friend’s wedding.  It was the wedding of my Other Half’s best friend from school so it was well worth the 7 hours it took us to get there.

We stayed in a sweet B&B just a short walk from the seafront and the owners were such lovely people, really happy to offer us advice on what to see and do.

On the Saturday we donned our Sunday best and got dressed up ready for the wedding.  I don’t think we did too badly.

The wedding was in a beautiful venue called The Square Tower.  Very historical and with amazing views of the sea.  The weather was just perfect (cold but gorgeous and bright) which was handy seeing as we spent a lot of the time out on the rooftop enjoying the views.

After a lovely reception and lots of amusing speeches, we saw the evening off with around 3 hours of dancing.  My Other Half needs no excuse to leap around and erm…terrify other people with his ‘moves’…it is something which has to be seen to be believed!  Although my feet were killing me (having children who can outrun me means I don’t often spend time in heels) and I had my shoes off I also embraced the opportunity.  We looked a bit worse for wear at this point I think.  I can tell because I’m pulling ‘that’ face…the one I always opt for after a drink or two!

Although the weather wasn’t quite as nice the following day we had a leisurely breakfast before walking down the sea front, enjoying the views, visiting Southsea castle and even engaging in one of our favourite pastimes; hunting for bargains in charity shops.

On the way home we stopped in a beautiful little village for some lunch.  It’s a shame it was pelting down with rain and we couldn’t do any real exploring although I think by this point my Other Half’s wallet was groaning so it’s probably not such a bad thing.

A lovely weekend, full of fun, laughter, love and a great opportunity to take lots of selfies (who doesn’t love a good selfie?!)

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