Review: Tiny Discoverers Woodland Adventure Pack

Jess McGlynnApril 2, 2014

Recently, the lovely folk at Tiny Discoverers were kind enough to send us one of their Woodland Adventure Backpacks for review.

Aimed at children aged 3 and above, these backpacks have been designed to help little explorers connect with the outside world.  They contain:-

– a detachable pencil case, 
– binoculars, 
– a magnifying glass, 
– a bug pot, 
– some large tweezers, 
– crayons, 
– tracing paper, and 
– woodland activity cards such as insect bingo.

The backpacks retail at £22 and comes in a choice of red and blue.  I think this offers very good value for money.  The backpack is well made, from a durable material which can be wiped down and is large enough to carry all of the accessories as well as the other important items you need to take on a woodland walk such as your Rapunzel doll and a book about cars (of course!) but without being too big for children to actually carry.  

We took ours when we went on a recent visit to the Ribble Estuary and the kids had so much fun exploring and hunting for bugs.  Usually when we say we’re going for a walk we hear grumbles and moans and reasons why they should stay in front of the television but I pitched it to them as us going on an exciting adventure with their new backpack and they fell hook, line and sinker.  The activity cards were the perfect accompaniment to this idea, we used the insect bingo one as it was the easiest for Meg and Eli to understand.

The thing I liked most about the pack was that it engaged Meg and Eli.  They wanted to use the cards, they wanted to use the tracing paper to make tree rubbings, they wanted to go and explore the outdoors.  Anything which gets my children excited about being outside is a winner in my book.

The accessories which come with the bag are all well-made too, the tweezers are a good size, ideal for little hands and the bug pot is really great for investigating any bugs you might find; it has a little magnifying glass in the lid so you can really get up close and personal with your discoveries.  Eli dropped the magnifying glass a number of times on the pavement and it didn’t break, which is also a good sign!

Later on, when we came home, Meg headed straight out into the garden trying to see if she could spot any of the bugs that we hadn’t been able to find on the walk which is also great, it’s means their interest has gone beyond just the first use of the backpack.

I think these packs would be great as a gift and even though Eli is a little bit below the recommended age, with a bit of assistance he got on just fine.

I hope you can see from our photos just how much Meg and Eli enjoyed using the backpack, and maybe you will be inspired to head outside and do some bug hunting of your own!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Woodland Adventure Backpack for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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