The Funny Things She Said…

Jess McGlynnApril 23, 2014

I love social media, not only because it allows us to connect with hundreds of like-minded people and all that jazz but because it allows me to record the amusing things my children say and do which might otherwise be confined to the inner most part of my brain and subsequently forgotten about.

I was having a random shufty through my Facebook timeline the other week and came across some statuses which just made me laugh out loud. I have chosen a couple of my favourites, and I hope they raise a smile for you too. They all feature my somewhat, precocious, sorry precious daughter usually doing what she does best:


Tonight at the dinner table:

Meg: *dramatic sigh* ‘What is the point of parents?’
Me: ‘Well, what do you think the point is?’
Meg: *thinks* ‘Well, who else would say to tidy our rooms and when to go to bed?’

Other Half: ‘My parents love me.’
Meg: *frowns at OH* ‘No, that’s not it. I think it’s just to tell us rules we don’t even like.’

Yes, that’s exactly it Meg. Clearly we are winning at parenting.


Meg: ‘Tomorrow I want to try orange juice on my cereal instead of milk.’
Me: ‘Why on earth would you want to do that?’
Meg: ‘Because I go to school now Mum. This is REAL LIFE.’

I have literally no response….


Me: ‘Meg, Eli is going for a sleep now is there anything you want out of your room?’
Meg: ‘No’
Me: ‘…because you won’t be allowed in there when he’s asleep…?’
Meg: “I don’t want anything.”

*5 minutes after putting Eli to bed*

Meg: ‘Can I have the fairy dress out of my dressing up box please?’
Me: ‘No Megan because it is in your room and I told you that you wouldn’t be able to go in there when Eli was asleep.’
Meg: ‘I know I can’t go in there but you didn’t say YOU couldn’t…’

This child is undefeatable!!


Alerted by sounds of crashing:
Me: ‘Meg are you throwing toys?’
Meg: ‘No’
Me: ‘What’s all that noise then?’
Meg: “Sorry Mum I can’t hear you I’m busy throwing my toys.’

*Goes to inspect playroom*

Me: ‘Megan, what has happened in here?!?’
Meg: ‘Erm…I was a dinosaur messing up the houses. Then I was a volcano bursting everywhere….*pause* you’d better not come in.’

Yeah, thanks for that advice! #lifewithmegan


Like butter wouldn’t melt…


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