Now You Are Three..

Jess McGlynnMay 6, 2014

There is a lump in my throat as I start to write this post; I can’t believe that my baby is three years old today.  I see the evidence right in front of me as I listen to him chatter away to his sister, watch him play creatively and independently and attempt to sound out words in the same way as Meg does (everything is spelt Z-A-P in case you were wondering!)

But still…where did time go to?

When I look at Eli now, I see a real little boy.  Gone is the chubbiness of toddlerdom, the incoherent babbling, the daytime napping.  He will be starting at preschool in September and although I know he is ready for it, although I am relishing the thought of two whole days to myself, I know that when the time comes I will be a blubbering wreck.

I quite feel like crying now to be honest, three is such a big number!

I love how cheeky Eli has become this year, he is the spitting image of his Dad, always trying to charm to get what he wants.  He loves to entertain us all with his silly dancing and singing, whilst still maintaining that he’s ‘shy’ really.  

He still loves cars and planes and trains, but this year we have finally seen an interest develop in other things too, such as painting and colouring, reading, and sometimes even taking care of a baby or two.  He has started to show an interest in making friends with the other children at his playgroup and when we are out and about.

Whilst a small part of me wishes I could stop the passage of time and hold on to my beautiful little boy for longer, I also can’t wait to see the boy he will turn into.  I can’t wait to watch as his personality develops and starts to shine through.  I have a feeling we will be laughing for many years to come.

Happy birthday handsome boy!


  • Vicky Atton

    May 6, 2014 at 20:16

    I hope Eli had a wonderful birthday. My little man is three in June and I can totally relate to your blog today. How quickly they grow 🙂

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