Review: Dinosaur Roar!

Jess McGlynnJune 21, 2014

We have been fans of Dinosaur! Roar for a number of years now; it was one of the board books included in Meg’s book bag (the Government one I can never remember the name of…) so when we were asked if we would like to review the app, I was excited to see what the kids would make of it.  Eli in particular is really into his dinosaurs so I thought that he would be the ideal tester.

The app costs £1.99 and has been designed for use on iPhones and iPads and all sales of the app go towards supporting the Natural History Museum (interesting fact: Dinosaur Roar! was the inspiration for a new project aimed at pre-schoolers currently being designed in association with the Natural History Museum and Nuture Rights)

There are three elements to the app; colouring, reading and discovering your Dinosaur name.

The colouring aspect has definitely been the favourite with Eli.  Judging by the number of saved pictures which have appeared in my phone’s library he has been making full use of the 14 dinosaurs available.  It is very simple to operate, children simply use their fingers to colour or pattern the dinosaur and there is a ‘magic’ colouring option which means when they rub their fingers over the dinosaur they automatically become the same colour as their original counterpart in the book.

The reading aspect is a fully interactive experience based on the original book.  Children can opt to either listen to the story or read it aloud to themselves.  There is also a record function which means either parents can record themselves reading the book for their children to playback, or children can record themselves.  Eli doesn’t seem to have really grasped this element yet and simply records himself roaring…entertaining but nonetheless not quite right!

Overall this app has become a firm favourite in the house and we would say it is very reasonably priced at £1.99.  It is aimed at children aged 5 and under, and at 3 years old, Eli has had very little difficulty with it.  My only criticism would be that there isn’t a help section.  I didn’t realise initially that you had to ‘scroll’ each page of the story, and I think a simple guide to the app would be helpful.  Apart from that we haven’t got a single bad thing to say.

If you have a dinosaur fan in your house then we would definitely recommend this app.  You can download it from the app store here.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a free download of the app for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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