Restyling The Children’s Bedrooms

Jess McGlynnAugust 12, 2014

In just over three weeks, Meg will go back to school and Eli will start at nursery which means that for two and a half days it will just be me, myself and I at home.  

I work from home, I do my freelance writing and as some of you will know, I am also working on my first novel.  Currently I work at the breakfast bar in the kitchen as it allows me to oversee where the children play and it means I can be on hand, but it has always been in the back of my mind to create myself a real working home office.  If there are no children to watch over, then there’s no reason why I should sit on an uncomfortable stool in the middle of the kitchen!

In order to make that happen, we are going to need to shuffle the configuration of our rooms around upstairs and I am probably more excited than I should be about this prospect.  Not least because it means I can restyle Meg and Eli’s rooms.  

They have had the same furniture and bedding for ages, and I mean ages so it will be nice to give everything a fresh look.  I asked them earlier what type of room they would have if they could choose anything; Meg asked very specifically for a colourful rainbow room which also had hearts and flowers and lots of pink.  More predictably, Eli asked for planes.

So this morning I have had great fun hunting around on the internet, searching for inspiration and pinning different ideas onto my newly created boards.  

I am thinking we can move them into the biggest room at the back and divide it in half, giving them one side each.  It’s a huge room, spanning the whole back of the house so there is more than enough space to do this.  They enjoy sharing and whilst they are still young I’m not in a hurry to separate them but I do think it would be nice to give them a bit more individuality in their room.

Can you tell I am bursting with ideas?  Unfortunately, the actual implementation of these ideas will most likely go at a snail’s pace as my money tree has yet to grow but I think when it’s finished, it will be so much better for all of us.  Not to mention I will finally have a room I can go to work in and close the door and forget about the chaos outside.

Some of my favourite ideas for Meg’s side include this rainbow cushion from Etsy for £19 and this IKEA button rug for £35.  You can check out my pinterest board if you want to see the full extent of my planning.

For Eli’s side I am torn between going with the commercial Disney Planes or opting for something a bit more vintage.  During my hunt for inspiration I came across these Disney character blinds from VELUX, which are very cool; they are blackout too which is even better as Eli still gets up at the crack of dawn, although I am hopeful that he will be more worn out once he starts at nursery.  So that’s certainly an option.


However I have also seen some very cool boy’s rooms online, which would work if we opted for a more old school planes look.  I need to do some more delving as to what exactly he is expecting; not easy when it’s a 3 year old as he’s almost guaranteed to have changed his mind when I ask him again.  

Then of course, I need to spend some time designing my home office…so much to do!!  I found a gorgeous upcycled desk this morning which I will hopefully be picking up this week and that will get things kickstarted.  Watch this space!

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