Eureka Museum and Little Live Pets

Jess McGlynnAugust 21, 2014

Last weekend we were invited to visit the Eureka Museum in Halifax to attend a Little Live Pets Event.

We love Eureka and have been several times before with the kids so we were all very excited to go; especially since the last time we visited they were in the middle of renovating their All About Me section and we were keen to see the changes which had been made.

On arrival, the first thing we did was to visit the dedicated Little Live Pets room which had been set up with a range of activities including colouring and face painting.  Meg, naturally, had to get her face painted and Eli waited patiently decorating a butterfly and watching the demonstrations of the Little Live Pets.

The Little Live Pets have recently come onto the market and they are proving very popular indeed.  In fact, if you visit the website, a number are sold out already.  It’s easy to see why with their bright colours and interactive functions; the birds will tweet and sing, even repeating what you say and the butterfly will flutter in the palm of your hand.  Prices vary depending on what you purchase but start at £9.99.

Eli was a little hesitant at first; I don’t think he could ascertain whether they were real birds and butterflies or not but once he realised they were toys he was happy to touch them.  Meg has added one to her Christmas list too so I think they must have made a positive impression.

Once we had watched a few demonstrations from the staff we allowed ourselves to be dragged away to explore the rest of the museum.  

One of the reasons we love Eureka is that it is just so hands on.  Quite often when we go out we find ourselves repeatedly telling the kids to slow down, or to not touch, but the whole point of Eureka is that they can get stuck in.  Which they did!

I was really impressed with the new All About Me section of the museum.  Lots of the exhibits had been there since I was a child and I thought the changes they had made were impressive.  There was much more to see and do and we spent the most amount of time there.  I hope that they are going to work their way around the museum and update all the exhibitions as they did a really good job with this one.

During the school holidays, Eureka hold a number of events and one of the ones taking place on the day we attended was den building with Robin Hood and Maid Marian.  Although I think our children were a little young for this, as it lasted quite a while, my Other Half certainly enjoyed offering advice on constructing the dens and Meg was really excited to meet Maid Marian; she trailed after her throughout the entire session in complete awe!

We really enjoyed our day at Eureka, I always find the staff to be really attentive and engaging with the children and there is so much to see and do that we managed to last the whole day without the kids once complaining they wanted to come home, which is always a winner in my book!  Thanks to Little Live Pets for inviting us along.

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to Eureka! for the purpose of this event.  All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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