Me & Mine Project {October 2014}

Jess McGlynnNovember 3, 2014

Here I am, playing catch up again.  Honestly I don’t know where the days are flying to.

Half term seemed to whizz by last week and we were almost late to school this morning as the idea of getting up, dressed and out by 8.30am seemed to almost pass me by!

My latest bout of disorganisation means that I completely missed Me & Mine last Friday, perhaps I am somewhat in denial about how quickly Christmas is approaching as I have bought next to nothing to prepare.

Anyway, on with my Me & Mine for this last month.

We have loved:-

* Saving pocket money and getting the reward of buying something with it.
* Exploring new parks and open spaces and crunching in autumn leaves.
* Mummy finding out she is going away to Uganda and (although terrified) is getting to do something she has always wanted to.
* Daddy getting a better job which will mean more time with the family.

We didn’t get many photos of us altogether this month but we managed to grab a couple whilst out for a woodland walk in the gathering dusk.

The rapidly fading light and the quickly dropping temperature meant that we didn’t really have much to play with and I actually quite like the picture in general…except for the fact that Meg is blurry!  One day…one day we will get a photo of all of us that works.  That’s the dream, right?!

dear beautiful


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