The Kindness Elves Return

Jess McGlynnNovember 28, 2014

Last year we welcomed the Kindness Elves into our home, thanks to the wonderful idea by Anna at The Imagination Tree and I was very much looking forward to joining in again this year.

Unfortunately, on opening our Christmas box we discovered that one of our elves had met an untimely end which may have had something to do with Eli deciding to pull his hat off last year and causing all his stuffing to fall out!

So,we had a rethink and decided to change the elves we used and go for something slightly smaller and less easy to damage!  My wonderful sister hunted out these elves from the new Tiger shop which has opened in Leicester (why aren’t there any Tiger Stores in the north of England?!) and has sent them to us just in time for their arrival on Monday.

We will keep the same names as we used last year, but will explain in the letter that Santa thought they’d get on better if they were a little bit more elf-like in their size…or something equally creative to convince the kids.

I have been super organised and have each day planned out already which should help to ensure that the elves (and Meg and Eli) have something to do each day in December.  If all goes as it should I’ve got some really great ideas which will hopefully help the kids to share some little pieces of joy with our friends, family and neighbours.

We have also got our elf door ready to appear on Sunday morning, followed by the elves on Monday.

So, here they are:

If you want to join in, head over to The Imagination Tree where Anna has put together several ideas for things you can do with the Kindness Elves.

We also have a number of other traditions which make the festive seasons special for us, and which will be making a return.  These include:-

Christmas Eve Box
Last year, the Kindness Elves left a box full of goodies when they headed back to the North Pole which included pyjamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas DVD and some treats to enjoy whilst watching it that evening, some reindeer food and a special key to allow Santa to open the door as we didn’t have a chimney.  

The kids absolutely loved this and Meg even mentioned it last week when talking about what we would get up to this Christmas.  I can’t wait to see their faces when they get this years.  

Advent Candle
This is a tradition I have carried over from when I was a little girl; I found a very attractive candle for 99p in Home Bargains and we will burn it down each day to countdown to Christmas.

Christmas Books
We have collected a number of Christmas books over the last 5 years and with the Kindness Elves bringing at least one new one every year, we hope to grow our collection!  The start of December is the perfect time to bring them out, to really start to build the excitement and also to enjoy stories we don’t get to read throughout the rest of the year.

Advent Nativity
This is a new one for us this year, but we are hoping to do advent a little differently.  I have bought a wooden nativity set and each day will reveal a new character for the scene along with their part of the nativity story.  I have seen this done by a couple of people and always think it looks like such a lovely way to tell the nativity throughout the month of December ending with, of course, the birth of baby Jesus on Christmas Eve.  I will let you know how we get on!

Have you got any Christmas traditions?  I’d love to hear them!


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