Easy Christmas Craft: Snowflake Decorations

Jess McGlynnDecember 11, 2014

Last week our lovely Kindness Elves left a craft task for Meg and Eli: to make snowflake decorations using lollipop sticks.

Now anyone who knows me, will be able to tell you that I am not a fan of craft.  I’m usually not very good at letting the kids just ‘get on with it’ and constantly hover behind them offering creative ‘advice’ which just annoys them no end.  Not to mention the fact that the house ends up covered in glue and glitter and I repeatedly discover sparkly gems stuck to the furniture for weeks afterwards…

But, I digress.

My point is that this particular craft is about as simple as they come, but you are left with very effective snowflake decorations which can be used as Christmas tree decorations or given away as gifts and so on.

You need:
*Lollipop sticks – 3 per snowflake
*PVA glue
*Sparkly gems or other suitable decorations
*String for hanging

As PVA glue tends to dry quickly you could make the snowflakes up in advance or let your children have a go.  Meg was perfectly fine to make her own but Eli needed assistance.

They go together much as you might imagine…one stick vertically straight, and two others in an X shape; I found putting one line of the X above the vertical stick and one below looked the most aesthetically pleasing but you could do it however you liked.

…and that is pretty much it.  Let your kids decorate them however you wish and simply sit back and appreciate the results.

Once the snowflakes are dry, you can glue some string onto the back in a loop shape so that they can be hung on the tree etc.  We gave some of ours away as gifts so I used a sparkly pen to write the creator’s name on the back as well as 2014, so they can be displayed with joy for years to come!

Don’t you just love an easy peasy craft?

Mini Creations

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  • kidGLloves

    December 15, 2014 at 07:01

    Grace says – Definitely one of my favourite festive #minicreations so far. They're so different but look really cool!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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