The Difference In A Year…

Jess McGlynnJanuary 19, 2015

As we were walking around one of our local parks at the weekend I realised that exactly a year ago we had done the same thing, in the same park.  What are the chances of that?!  It isn’t a park we particularly frequent often, and we only happened to go there because I had taken Eli earlier in the week and he specifically requested it.

Isn’t it funny how things turn out?

Anyway…I remembered that I had taken a photo of the kids standing inside the gate to the sensory garden so we quickly grabbed another one to compare it against.

Isn’t it amazing how much change can take place in a year?!

This is the shot taken last January.  Eli is still very much a toddler, not even three years old.  Still napping in the day (often on me), with us only able to understand a handful of words.  Meg was only just reading basic words, beginning to form letters, starting out on her journey through school.

I wish we’d managed to remember which way round they were standing but hey ho…now they are both real little people.  Eli will be starting school this year (yikes!) and can already write his name.  He can still be a little hard to understand when he gets excited but more and more each day he comes up with new words and phrases which we didn’t know he knew.  Meg is reading Roald Dahl books by herself at bedtime and is doing amazing with her writing.  I think for me, that is the biggest change…how much she has achieved in just one year at school.  Kids and their ability to learn just astounds me on a daily basis.

I’m also quite impressed with how much my photography skills appear to have improved.  Definitely a benefit of blogging!

And, erm…yes.  Eli is still wearing the same hat because my children not really growing is something which never seems to change!

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