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Jess McGlynnFebruary 23, 2015

Since becoming a blogger I have had a love affair with cameras.  I am always feeling the challenge of improving on my photography and capturing our family moments in high quality  and so last year we invested in a bridge camera.  Unfortunately, somehow the quality still doesn’t seem to cut it.  If the lighting is right then it takes amazing pictures but if it isn’t, then my iphone actually far outranks the photos I’d be able to take and so I generally find myself using my phone because I’m lazy and it’s always to hand and I know that I’ll manage to get a semi-decent picture regardless of the time of day.

Then I get onto Instagram and see other people’s photos and I end up moaning to James that I need a better camera, he suggests I get out my bridge and learn to use some of the more complex features and so the circle goes round and round.

The trouble is, I’m not very technologically minded and although I have been on a couple of photography courses, my brain just can’t adapt to all the features which come with a quality camera.

When I visited Uganda earlier in the year I borrowed my father in law’s camera.  A high-end point and shoot but one which just took amazing photos.  This has convinced me that with the right equipment, you can capture some fantastic photos without it getting too complicated.

That is where the Panasonic Lumix TZ70 comes in.  

This lightweight camera has been designed to offer top picture quality with its high sensitivity MOS sensor allowing you to capture fantastic photos even in low light.  As a blogger this is such a great feature.  Sometimes, despite all your best planning you simply need to take pictures when the lighting is rubbish and with the Lumix TZ70 you know that you won’t be compromising on the sharpness of your picture.  The camera also has a 30x zoo Leica lens so you can really get up close to your subjects and even lets you record videos in HD.

Another feature I love about this camera is the high speed response; with light speed auto focus and 10fps high speed burst shooting you can capture in-focus images no matter how fast your subject is moving.  Anyone who has tried to photograph children will be able to tell you what a valuable feature this is!

Check out the video below to see more about this camera and all that it has to offer.

I think this would be the ideal choice whether you are an avid traveller looking to capture your adventures, a parent wanting high quality images of family life or simply someone looking for a decent camera which fits in your pocket.

Disclosure: This has been published in collaboration with Panasonic.  All words and opinions are my own.

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