Live Below The Line Challenge: Day Two

Jess McGlynnMarch 3, 2015

This week I have been challenged by Send A Cow to live below the line; surviving on just £1 per day for all my food and drink.  Here’s how I’m getting on:

Thoughts on Day Two
Last night was hard; I made chilli and rice for everyone else knowing that I was only having pasta and sauce for my dinner.  There were definite green-eyed moments going on as they all tucked in.

I think tomorrow I might eat my dinner elsewhere.

That said, I was quite impressed with the cheap jar of tomato sauce I had bought.  It cost me less than 30p and I wasn’t holding out much hope to be honest.  Aside from being a little slimy, it didn’t taste nearly as bad as my vegetable soup, although perhaps I was just so hungry by the time I sat down that I didn’t care what I was eating!

I also noticed I was feeling very short-tempered.  Lack of food, caffeine and having to make everyone else’s dinner meant I bit James’ head off when he asked casually whether I’d like a cup of tea.  Completely forgetting of course that I can’t.  At 56p a teabag, it would be more than half my daily budget.  (EDIT: If this figure has made your jaw drop…the comment below prompted me to recalculate how much my teabags cost and it turns out that I had very badly miscalculated.  Who knows where I got 56p a bag from, I can’t even make that number now.  Turns out it’s 3p a bag.  Yes for delicious morning cups of tea!  Although I probably should ask James for help calculating milk costs…clearly I can’t be trusted with a calculator!)

This morning I woke up with a headache, I’m definitely noticing the lack of caffeine in my life.  Scary really how much I have come to rely on that first glorious cup of tea to kickstart my day.

For breakfast I ate half a slice of toast (the kids robbed the other half) and had some yoghurt and thought that would be okay.  However I was more active this morning, going out to pick up some bits and pieces from various shops and I was ravenous by about 10.30am.

Despite my best intentions, I sacked off the vegetable soup for lunch.  I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it, so had some of the leftover pasta and sauce I’d had for dinner yesterday.  It reheated really well and gave me a big boost which I needed as I hadn’t been able to concentrate on any work when I got home, constantly being distracted by thoughts of large slices of chocolate cake…there’s enough left of the pasta for maybe one more meal, two if I’m stringent and I’ve got rice and vegetables for dinner tonight so I should be okay.  Might be pushing it a bit lasting until Friday though!

Food on Day Two
Breakfast: 1/2 a slice of toast and some yoghurt: 33p
Lunch: Pasta and tomato sauce: 16p
Dinner: Fried rice and vegetables: 44p

Total: £93p


  • Jane Willis

    March 3, 2015 at 17:20

    Where on earth do you buy your tea if it's 56p a bag? A pack of 40 Yorkshire Tea teabags at Tesco costs £1.20 and that works out at just 3p a bag. And if you make it in a pot and brew it well, that will give you two cups of tea. And make a HUGE difference to your mood! I couldn't survive without tea!

  • JessMcGlynn

    March 3, 2015 at 17:27

    Well…your comment prompted me to look again and actually I had miscalculated but it's still 34p a bag. We have in delivered by a local company every month. Maybe I should have invested some of my £5 in some Yorkshire Tea!

  • Jane Willis

    March 3, 2015 at 17:29

    If I was taking the challenge it would be my first purchase! I bet the tea tou usually have is gorgeous – but any tea is better than no tea!

  • Jane Willis

    March 4, 2015 at 15:12

    Aww, you could have had a cup of tea after all! Hope you'll be able to budget a few in for the rest of the week

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